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Conversion Optimization Services

January 24, 2011

Commonly referred to as Conversion Rate Optimization, CRO is a tool of Internet marketing that involves the creation of a particular experience for a landing-page visitor. The intention is to increase the percentage of users that will convert into clients.

The benefits of Conversion Optimization

  • Improve visitor experience
  • Increase conversions
  • Boost customer retention rates
  • Amplify your profits

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Conversion optimization services

In terms of Internet marketing services, Purple Cow has gone from strength to strength to become one of South Africa’s most trusted search and website optimization vendors. Within any optimization campaign there are a number of subcategories that need to work together in order to achieve the holistic success of increasing the online presence of a business.

Conversion optimization is one of these core components and is the science or, arguably, art of creating a particular experience for a visitor to a website that achieves the goal of converting them into interacting customers or clients.

What is a conversion rate?

The aim of any website should be to achieve a successful conversion rate. This is the rate at which visitors to an online portal perform a desired action once they arrive on the landing page that serves as a gateway to your website. Desired actions can include buying a product, filling in a contact form, submitting a newsletter subscription, downloading software, or completing a membership registration.

Increase conversions on your website

Optimising your landing pages is a good place to begin when aiming to increase a particular website’s conversion rates. Landing pages are where visitors arrive when a search engine has ranked information on your website that is applicable to what the user is searching for. If a visitor arrives on one of your landing pages and doesn’t immediately find the information they’re seeking, it’s likely that they’ll leave your website and look to other results to have their needs met. Contact Purple Cow on 021 419 2002 for more information on landing page optimisation and how you can increase conversion rates on your website.

More about conversion optimization

Website conversion optimization for increased ROI

Website conversion optimization comprises various components that increase the effectiveness of your online presence. To explain conversion rates in layman’s terms let’s, for argument sake, say that your website attracts 1 000 visitors per month and from this generates 10 unique email and phone leads. This translates to a conversion rate of 1% (10 leads divided by 1000 visitors).

Without changing the functionality and the attractiveness of your website to users, as well as search engine crawlers, the only way that you can generate more leads is to somehow send more visitors to the site. However, by making the website more user friendly and making information more relevant to your SEO efforts and campaigns, you will be able to receive 20 leads, for example, from those original 1 000 visitors. Thus, you’ve achieved a higher conversion rate using your current traffic.

If you’re unsure of how your website is performing in terms of conversion rates, user experience and search engine favourability then it’s high time you contacted an expert Internet marketing initiative like Purple Cow. We can perform an audit on your site free of charge and will be able to gauge its success and highlight the areas that are proving disadvantageous to converting visitors.

Conversion optimization from Purple Cow

Conversion optimization is a critical component in the overall website optimization process. Internet marketing requires that visitors to your online portal engage and interact with your business, resulting in the achievement of various goals that end up increasing the profitability of your entire enterprise. If you’d like to enquire about Purple Cow’ optimization service then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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